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The Escape Artist已於2022年10月由新的經營者接手經營,歡迎大家舊雨新知,繼續支持,常常到EA玩耍畫畫。


原本由BCCT提供技術支援之企業活動Team Building合作服務已終止,若需專業Team Building服務,歡迎點擊下方連結與BCCT聯絡!

The Escape Artist underwent a change in management in October 2022, and we welcome both familiar faces and new friends to continue supporting us. Come and join us at EA for fun and artistic activities!

The corporate activity Team Building services, previously supported by BCCT, have been discontinued. If you are in need of professional Team Building services, feel free to click on the link below to contact BCCT!

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